3 Myths of Hypnosis

Myth 1: Not everybody can be hypnotised

Hypnosis is just deep relaxation.  So saying that not everybody can go into hypnosis is like saying not everybody can relax.  It’s true that some people find relaxing and letting go of their conscious thoughts easier than others, however, everybody can learn how to switch off and let go of their mind.

Just like meditation, the more times you go into a state of hypnosis the easier it will become to let go of your mind and relax deeply. 

Myth 2: You can get stuck in hypnosis

You cannot get stuck in hypnosis.  To enter into hypnosis you must be a willing participant and you must let go of your conscious mind, which we’ll help you to do.  But you are always in control and you are able to snap yourself out of it at any time.  Even if the hypnotherapist left the room, you would simply emerge from hypnosis on your own feeling absolutely fine.

Myth 3: Under hypnosis you can be made to do things you don’t want to

Hypnosis is not what people think it is.  Hypnosis does not mean being ‘out of it’ or unaware, it’s just a state of deep relaxation.  Learning to go into hypnosis means learning to allow yourself to relax more deeply.  But you will always be aware and in control, and you will only accept suggestions that are congruent with your beliefs, values and morals.

Many people struggle to relax and let go of their conscious mind in hypnotherapy because they fear that they are surrendering control to the hypnotist.  This erroneous belief comes from hypnosis stage shows.

The truth is that those people who participate in stage shows are the kind of extroverted people who would do those kind of things anyway.  In other words, they’re going along with each suggestion willingly. 

Not everybody goes deep enough into trance for the kind of suggestions used in stage shows, hence the reason there is always a selection process.  But you don’t need to go that deep into hypnosis in order for hypnotherapy to be effective.  Hypnosis stage shows are about entertainment whereas hypnotherapy is a therapeutic treatment.   

Hypnosis is a learned state.  It’s about letting go of your mind and relaxing.  But the most important thing to remember is that no matter how deep into hypnosis you go, nobody can make you do anything that you are unwilling to do.  If a hypnotist suggested that you do something you’re uncomfortable with, you’d just refuse and come back to full alertness and wakefulness.